Protein diet for quick weight loss

In today’s article we will focus on the protein diet as a means to lose weight at home. We will consider all the pros and cons of this style food, draw up an indicative list of products for the protein diet, as well as give the menu protein diet for weight loss at home for 7 days.

Many nutritionists believe that the protein diet for weight loss at home are among the most effective in the fight against excess weight. These diets have many adherents. Let’s look at the main components of this diet – protein. Continue reading “Protein diet for quick weight loss”

The daily norm of calories: view daily rate for men and women

In this article we will tell you what should be the daily norm of calories for men and women, and how to calculate the daily rate online.

Of course, the result will be rough, because for the exact answer to this question must take into account the specific characteristics of each organism. You will also be useful to know how the calculated calorie foods . Continue reading “The daily norm of calories: view daily rate for men and women”

How to speed up metabolism (metabolism) for weight loss?

How to speed up metabolism and metabolism for weight loss? To answer this question is to consider some of the principles of diet , nutrition and exercise. Also, you might want to learn about the most effective ways to lose weight .

Weight loss is best to start with a diet that provides 1200-1300 kcal per day. This is the minimum amount of energy , which is necessary to mobilize the body get rid of excess water and toxins, making fat burning process easier. Continue reading “How to speed up metabolism (metabolism) for weight loss?”

Their most effective and quickest way to lose weight

We have already mentioned on our website on how to lose weight with the help of certain products. But it is necessary to follow the diet and strict diet to achieve the goal?

Many believe that the training in the gym it will be enough to reduce body weight. In today’s article, we shall understand, what is the most effective way to lose weight: diet or sport? But before you start reading the article will read the log with products that help to lose weight quickly . Continue reading “Their most effective and quickest way to lose weight”

What foods help lose weight fast

Have you ever catch yourself thinking like some lucky due to the fact that they eat whatever they want and not get fat? The reason for their good luck lies in the metabolism. Indeed, in some people it is pretty quick by nature. But you too can improve your metabolism .

Find out in this article, how to speed up metabolism and increase fat burning, as well as what foods help lose weight quickly. It is also useful to you will be an article about how to calculate the colors of the products . Continue reading “What foods help lose weight fast”

How to calculate the calories and calorie foods: formula for calculating the calories and the table

Today we’ll show how to calculate the calorie content of foods, why do we need to do, how to determine the caloric content online, and we’ll tell you about the formula of calculation and much more.

Departing from the topic, I would recommend to read the article about  what foods help to lose weight .

Why count calorie foods?

Counting calories is important for those who want to lose weight or vice versa to gain weight and maintain it at that level. When you learn how to count, you can easily create a menu that will satisfy your daily energy requirement. Continue reading “How to calculate the calories and calorie foods: formula for calculating the calories and the table”

The best exercises for triceps at home

On triceps accounts for almost two-thirds of the muscle mass of our hands. This muscle is very important in martial arts. It determines the speed of the triceps and force of impact in many ways. Well-developed triceps look much better than the biceps, by the way here’s an article for details about how to increase biceps in volume .

So, let’s take a little bit of attention to the introduction of exercises that will help you develop a beautiful and strong triceps. However, before you start reading the article, be sure to check also the article ” Anatomy of muscle hand .” Continue reading “The best exercises for triceps at home”

How to build chest at home with the help of push-ups

Often friends ask me how to pump breast push-ups at home. They do not want or are unable for various reasons to go to the gym. Of course, not everyone has enough motivation to constantly train in the gym. Therefore, push-ups the best way to inflate the chest. By the way here’s an article that cutting  secrets on how to pump up the pectoral muscles .

How should look like the whole process of training with the help of push-ups?

I advise you not to carry out an approach to the maximum, unless of course you do not want to break the Guinness World Record (3461 push-ups per hour). But this training will be productive because of the large number of repetitions, which is both aerobic exercise and a large muscle work. Six approaches would be sufficient. Continue reading “How to build chest at home with the help of push-ups”

Why do I need protein body?

The protein (or protein) is the basic building material of the body. Protein is necessary for everyone. However, there are several factors that influence the amount thereof.

Among other age, sex, height and weight, the rate of metabolism, hormone levels, diet and the proportion of other nutrients in the daily consumption of food, as well as the duration of load and rest during the day and much, much more. Continue reading “Why do I need protein body?”

Principles for the right set of muscle mass

For many years, people have wondered “how to gain muscle mass ,” and heartily ate protein supplements.

A protein shake is designed to close the “anabolic window” – a short time after the workout, when your body has the maximum potential for building muscle.

Last scientific analysis shows that this is a myth. Its author, Alan Aragon, a permanent advisor for the preparation of professional athletes, including NHL players and Olympians, says that the main factor for the right set of muscle mass is a total daily dose of protein. Continue reading “Principles for the right set of muscle mass”