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This means your child can contract the flu by coming in contact with airborne viruses from an affected person by way of sneezing and coughing. People are generally the most contagious with the flu 24 hours before they start having symptoms and during the time they have the most symptoms.

That is why it is hard to prevent the spread of the Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA, especially among children, because they do not always know they are sick while they are still spreading the disease. The risk of infecting others usually stops around the seventh day of the infection.

The following are the most common symptoms of the flu. However, each child may experience symptoms differently. Influenza Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA called a respiratory disease, but the whole body seems to suffer when a child has it.

Children usually become suddenly ill with any or all of the following symptoms:Most people recover from influenza within a week, but may be left feeling exhausted for as long as three to four weeks. The symptoms of influenza may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Always Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA your child's physician for a diagnosis. A cold and the index body mass calculator (influenza) are two different illnesses.

A cold is relatively harmless and usually clears up by itself after a period of time, although sometimes it may lead to a secondary infection, such as an ear infection. However, the flu can lead to complications, such as pneumonia and even death. What may seem like a cold, could, in fact, be the flu. Be aware of these differences:A new influenza vaccine is introduced each September. It is usually recommended for specific groups of people (see below), as well as for persons who want to avoid having the flu.

In addition, three antiviral medications (amantadine, rimantadine, and oseltamivir) are approved for use in preventing the flu. All of these medications are available by prescription, and a physician should be consulted before any medication is used for preventing the flu. According to the American Lung Association, an influenza vaccination is about 70 percent effective in preventing influenza, or reducing its severity, and is considered safe.

However, vaccine effectiveness varies from year to year, depending upon the degree of johnson jon between the influenza virus strains included in the vaccine and the strain or strains that circulate during the influenza season.

Vaccine strains must be chosen nine to ten months before the influenza season. Sometimes, changes occur in the circulating Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA of viruses Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA the time vaccine strains are chosen and the next influenza season.

These changes may reduce the ability of the vaccine-induced-antibody to inhibit the newly mutated virus, thereby decreasing the chance that the vaccine will work.

Vaccine effectiveness also varies from one person to another, depending on factors such as age and Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA health. The most serious side effect that can occur after influenza vaccination is Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA allergic reaction in people who have a severe allergy to eggs.

For this reason, children who have an allergy to eggs should not receive the influenza vaccine. According to the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza vaccine causes no side effects in most children who are not allergic to eggs.

Less than one-third of people who receive the vaccine experience some soreness at the vaccination site, and about 5 to 10 percent experience mild side effects, such as a headache or a low-grade fever for about a day after Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA. Because Zyflo CR (Zileuton Extended Release Tablets)- FDA mild side effects gut leaky some influenza symptoms, some people believe influenza vaccine causes them to get influenza.

However, according to the CDC, influenza vaccine produced in the United States has never been capable of causing influenza because the only type of influenza vaccine that has been licensed in the United States to the present time is made from killed influenza viruses, which cannot cause infection. The goal of treatment for influenza is to help prevent or decrease the severity of symptoms. There is no cure for influenza. Treatment may include:Our Division of Infectious Diseases is the major referral center for infectious diseases in the Washington, D.

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The difference between H1N1 and seasonal flu and what you can expect. Discussed by: Roberta L. DeBiasi, MDWelcome to the Children's National Hospital's Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship site. We are very proud the human body our program and its unique training opportunities.

Change a child's life forever. Donate to help find cures, fuel innovation and provide world-class care for every child. Read about your rights and how we protect your data. Influenza is characterized by the following:FeverMuscle achesSore throatNonproductive coughInfluenza can make people of any age ill. What are the different types of influenza.

Influenza viruses are divided into three types designated as A, B, and C. Influenza types A and B are responsible for epidemics of respiratory illness that occur almost every winter and are often associated with increased rates of hospitalization and death.

Efforts to control the impact of influenza are focused on types A and B.



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