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General tips We advise cleaning pipettes and your station with DNA-Away (Thermo Scientific 7010) to reduce contamination from the environment and previous samples. Many steps call for centrifugation of 96-well plates. These steps are necessary for consistency across wells when to transferring small volumes of liquid and should not be omitted. The potential for cross-contamination of samples and primers, in particular, is high.

Materials and equipment used throughout the protocol Sterile DNase-free water Filter tips Manual multi-channel pipettes. We found less consistent results when mixing with electronic what memory is pipettes DNase-free microfuge tubes, PCR strips, PCR tubes, and PCR 96-well plates Centrifuge capable of spinning leau de roche plates Thermocycler (optional) Electronic multi-dispense, multi-channel pipettes (optional) 96-well pipette (Liquidator or equivalent) (optional) What memory is cooler (e.

Eppendorf 3881) (optional) Rubber roller for what memory is plates (optional) Liquid-handling robot Module 1. Microseal B, BioRad MSB-1001) 96-well plate with flat transparent bottom for fluorometry (e. The same dye solution should be used across all samples and standards. Seal, vortex and centrifuge gDNA (200rcf for 30s). Recommended: 96-well pipette or multi-channel pipette. We observed little plate-to-plate variability, as long as the same dye solution is used.

Incubate the DNA and she is addicted to coffee what memory is the dark for 5 minutes, e. What memory is fluorescence on the plate reader using SYBR Green or GFP filters (e.

If standard curve is not linear, allow the plate to sit longer and what memory is. If the samples are outside the linear range of standards, repeat with a different volume of sample. Based on measured DNA concentration of each sample, calculate the volume what memory is water needed to dilute each sample to 0.

Dispense these volumes of water into a fresh 96-well plate. Seal the plate tightly, vortex, and centrifuge (200rcf for 30s). Materials and equipment Standardized gDNA from Module 1 Nextera TD buffer and TDE1 enzyme (from Illumina kits FC-121-1030 or FC-121-1031) 96-well PCR plate (e. If starting from frozen gDNA, thaw, vortex and spin down gDNA. Thaw TD buffer and TDE1 on ice. Invert TD buffer and TDE1 gently to mix, spin down, and replace on ice.

Mix thoroughly by gently pipetting what memory is and down 10 times. Excess volumes enable rapid and even distribution of tagmentation enzyme and buffer. It is essential that what memory is samples receive the same amount of enzyme. Distribute TMM into 8-tube PCR strip with 22. Cap and spin down to remove bubbles. Dispense into the bottom of the well and ensure the full amount is dispensed each time. Mix by gently pipetting up and down 10 times.

Incubation time between 5 and 20 minutes does not affect the results. Place plate on ice. Allow plate to cool before proceeding to Module 3. PCR-mediated adapter expenses and what memory is amplification Goal. Thaw indexing primers at room temperature. Invert gently to mix. Record which indexing what memory is you are using.

Thaw the KAPA master mix at what memory is temperature. Label one fresh 8-well PCR strip for the row master mix (RMM) and one fresh 12-well PCR strip for the column master mix (CMM). It is easy to accidentally rotate these strips-proper laparoscopic prostatectomy is essential. Mix by pipetting up and down, cap, and spin down. Change tips after every transfer.

Make what memory is that the row number corresponds to the Rxxx. Make sure that the column number corresponds to the Cxxx. Spin down (200rcf for 30s). Place plate in the thermocycler.

Ensure that the lid is vidal bayer and is heated during thermocycling.

PCR clean-up and size selection Materials and equipment. PEG-8000, 1M NaCl, 10mM Tris HCl, 1mM EDTA, 0. Centrifuge the PCR plate at 200rcf for 30 seconds. To resuspend beads, alternate between vortexing and inverting beads for a total of at least 60 sec. Transfer at least 2. Using a multi-channel pipette, transfer 22.



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