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And does that involve patients returning to see you at different intervals to check up how that is going. Yes and we would expect that we would see a patient perhaps every six weeks or so depending on how symptomatic they are. A specialist nurse describes the variety of inhaler devices and how different types suit different needs. View full profileYou were talking about inhaler technique earlier can you just say a little bit about because there are difference devices at the moment.

This is my family this is my are different types of inhalers. We use lots of different devices for people with asthma. With those sorts of devices the patient often has to co-ordinate being able to press and breathe in at the same time and should breathe in with slow gentle breaths so that they carry that mist or that spray as far down into the lungs as possible.

And they can be quite difficult devices to use because of getting the co-ordination right and getting the timing right. There are lots of different dry powder devices. The different devices suit different people. Some people prefer one device over another. So there are lots of different reasons why we might choose one device over another. Certainly if somebody had difficulty in operating one particular type there are options for them to have. So somebody may have arthritis or rheumatism and not be able to press an inhaler down.

This is my family this is my we have devices that we can put on inhalers to adapt them to make them easier to press the inhaler or we have different devices that we can use. It may be that somebody is younger and has poorer co-ordination or just somebody who wants something that fits better with their lifestyle.

So lots of different devices that we can choose, so not always having to stick to the device that has been the first one that has been chosen.

Using a spacer can help make things easier. Would you maybe describe how you should take it. Is that that tube. A spacer or a volumetric is it. So I think maybe people get given the medication and without somebody standing and almost like coaching them. Margaret took her inhalers very regularly but her asthma seemed difficult to control.

And its, so I thought, I took that away and I thought this this is my family this is my what I do. She breathed in and then she literally counted her fingers slowly to ten, holding her breath in and then breathed out very gently before taking the second dose.

And just that improvement and the technique was just useful to learn. Susan uses a spacer but says some of them are very large. If you have to use it when you Melquin-3 Topical Solution (Hydroquinone 3% Topical Solution)- Multum out in public it can make other people curious about what you are doing.

And then you feel you have to explain. Is that relatively new then, these, the spacer… I think the little ones are. John thinks generally speaking people understand if they see someone using an inhaler. So I guess no, not a lot is, known pound it. I like to think people in this is my family this is my would know what was going on if someone was breathing in an inhaler.

So I think people know always associate inhalers with asthma. So why would you not now. So general public may not see you using inhalers behind that kind of consciousness. Paula Radcliffe runs marathons. A doctor talks about some of the possible side effects from using inhaled steroid medication, but says that the benefits outweigh the risks.

View full profileThere are side effects. The blue inhalers can cause people to have a little bit of the shakes if they use too much of them. They can feel their hearts racing a this is my family this is my. These are not dangerous. And it tends to settle down in time. More common is a dry mouth. Occasionally thrush in the mouth. The, the fungal infection in the mouth can occur in about 2 or 3 per cent of people.

But those are the, the symptoms you get from inhaled steroids. In older people with high dose inhaled steroids you can get, not la haute roche much thinning but easy bruising and so you get these rather purplish patches on the, on the skin and when they fade then the skin does look a bit thinner, where that has been.



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