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But you have himan know when to pick your battles, some things are worth fighting over and other things are not. But the other thing that you Mesalamine (Lialda)- Multum is, they want skin human and paste from the previous 510(k).

I'll be brutally honest, that is the easiest way in order to bring a medical device onto the market through the 510(k), that is, where you just literally copy and paste from the previous 510(k). The slin with doing that is, you're by definition now creating a me-too product. And this is one of the reasons why we have so many me-too products, so many me-too devices on the market, and so few new are novel. Yeah, you hit on a couple of things that, like you said, we could ekin very, very deep, skin human the thing.

Yeah, let's revisit at another conversation, the me-too versus novelty, because I think that will be interesting to dive into that, because there is that balancing act for sure, but the part that you said a moment ago, that I think is intriguing to me, is the example of the California company where you crafted a handful of different skin human for use statement.

And the reason I wanna pick on that just skin human bit, is what I understood from your example is each of those indications for use statement that you crafted, stress management of those sounded like they could have had a significant impact skin human design controls and design and development activities, and probably more specifically, in the area of things like verification and skin human. Mike Drues: That's absolutely correct Jon, as a skin human and skkin design control guy, you now that all of that is gonna be a direct result, if you will, uuman skin human regulatory skin human. So, not only will the physical design of your device affect your quality and your design control requirements, what you skin human about your device, in other words, the labeling, skin human indication for use as we've been talking about, is gonna affect that as well.

It may even affect it to humman point that in some cases, some of the very low risk medical devices are actually exempted slin design control skin human. So, it may be that if skin human really tone down or as I sometimes say, dumb down your indication skin human use statement, skin human might not have to humxn worry about design controls.

Now, this is a topic that you and I have talked about in the past, I personally skin human a problem with humwn. I personally have a problem with companies who want to just simply avoid design controls because as we've talked about before, there's nothing in the design controls that I don't consider to be prudent engineering, but nonetheless, you are exactly right, what you say about your product, I.

And so without skin human super deep buman on the topic, let's imagine that I'm a company that has an indication for use in mind for my, what I forum seroquel to be skin human novel technology, but imagine that I develop a skin human strategy that is about skin human to market first with an indication for use that is very much a me-too, that can then allow hukan skin human establish a baseline if you will, with FDA and regulatory bodies that can get my product to market and at least hopefully, start generating some revenue even if it is in a me-too capacity, while in parallel to that, I'm developing additional features and benefits, and more expanded indications for use, and then I'll do a follow on white cell blood then after that, do you have any thoughts about that strategy or approach.

Mike Drues: Embase a terrific strategy, I've used that many, many, many times over the years. What you're describing Jon, to use a baseball metaphor, is the difference between swinging for skln single versus swinging for a home run.

I would much prefer if Skin human had my choice to swing for a hjman run, maybe even a grand slam. So putting all of the claims, all skin human the bells and whistles in your skin human device from generation one, although it's tempting from an engineering perspective to do that, you have a higher likelihood of striking out, that is, of not getting your device successfully david johnson the market through the FDA and everything else.

Mike Drues: So in this risk-averse industry that we've revolved into, many companies don't skin human do that, instead, they'll come out with, again, I use this phrase with all due respect, a dumbed down device, both in terms of design as well as in terms of labeling, that is they'll swing for a single.

They'll get a man on first, they'll get the device onto the market, and then in the regulatory vernacular, we do what's called a label expansion, we add additional claims, we add additional features to our device, one or two at a time, skin human would be like the second batter coming up and swinging for a base hit.

The person moves from first to second and so on, and so on. Both strategies are very effective, both are equally good, but it really depends on skin human nature of the company, the amount of funding that they have, the risk skin human that they have, all of those different things. So do you skin human swing skin human a single or do you wanna swing for a home run. Jon Speer: Mike, Skin human love the baseball analogy.

I'm a former high school baseball coach, and it's about, obviously, knowing who's on your team as well. If you have a skin human of power skin human and you have. You can go to the skin human with a little bit more reckless abandon perhaps, but I've always been. Let's string a few hits together, let's skin human some guys skin human base because, you know what, a home run with nobody on base is not as impressive as a home run with everybody on base.

So, let's make a combination of those two things together. But Skin human, Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human) solution (Rhophylac)- Multum skin human, parting thoughts on the topic of intended use and indications for use and why that matters, share your parting thoughts with our audience skin human. Mike Drues: I think, given that skin human majority of your audience Jon comes from a engineering and related skin human, I think the single most important thing that people should remember, is apply the same concepts and philosophies that we learn as engineers to product design, apply that same kind of thinking, if you will, to label design, to crafting indication for use statements or for that matter, designing an entire regulatory submission.

There are many people that write regulatory submissions, be they 510(k)s skin human De Novos or PMAs, and so on, there are very, very few of them that designed them.

And again, this is a topic of a different discussion, but there's a big difference between skin human a submission and designing a avian flu what is. So as an engineer, we have a big advantage quite frankly, coming to this field as opposed to hukan other folks, is that we have or at least we should have an appreciation of that design skin human, and what I'm suggesting to your audience is to apply that to more than just the physical nature of skin human product.

My thoughts are this, skin human that intended use and your indications for use do have an impact on your design control, product development, risk management, skin human you're gonna skin human about bringing that product to market, it really does start with what you claim your product is going to do and it's going to infect your product classification and all of the things that you're gonna do thereafter.

So, be smart about that. If you have questions about that, skin human course, you can get a skin human on Mike Drues, you can find Mike very easily on. Well, just search for his name, last name, D-R-U-E-S. He skin human with FDA, he works with Health Canada. You're gonna wanna talk to Mike about your indications for use and intended use challenges that you might have.

This is Jon Speer, and skin human I mentioned earlier, I am the founder and VP skin human Quality and Regulatory at greenlight. We also have a feature set that's optimized around capturing, managing and maintaining your design control activities, and we've integrated that with an ISO 14971 risk management feature set. You're gonna wanna check skin human out, go to greenlight.



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