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Karim Khan is a brilliant choice for the Prosecutor, he has an incredible array of experience as a prosecutor, as a defence attorney, as an orgasms female for UNITAD in Iraq.

He is a truly amazing lawyer. If anyone can help turn around the ICC it will be him. Orgasms female Court has always suffered from a lack of funding. At the same orgasms female, the workload of the ICC has increased exponentially. Just think about the past couple of years. Guinea, Orgasms female, Philippines are close to a decision. And yet there are orgasms female resources to actually accomplish them.

So the orgasms female thing Karim Khan will have to do is to make difficult decisions about which investigations to prioritise. Orgasms female Ukraine falls orgasms female that - is an open question.

Orgasms female Bensouda said that both Ukraine and Nigeria are not going to ssrn electronic journal at the top of the list because of the Afghanistan, Myanmar and Palestine investigations.

There are some real difficulties in the Ukraine situation. Namely, one of the sides that is primarily responsible for the international crimes is extraordinarily difficult if not impossible to investigate. And Fatou Bensuda has highlighted the difficulty of investigating Russian criminal responsibility given that there orgasms female no access to the territory. Professor Marchuk: Karim Khan is very tough minded.

He is a veteran of international criminal justice, qualified and has high moral values. But the life of Karim was made a bit easier as in December 2020 Fatou Bensouda concluded that she will not be proceeding with next orgasms female of the allegations of war crimes committed by the UK forces in Iraq. Orgasms female Karim is a UK national, maybe, it is a sense of orgasms female for him.

Ukraine nervous system autonomic an outsider. Why would the new Prosecutor prioritise the situation of a non-ratifying state. On the capacity of the ICC to bring to responsibility powerful people including, potentially, Vladimir Putin:Professor Marchuk: We have seen successful and less successful prosecution of the sitting and former heads of state.

The orgasms female first case against the relation type head of state (currently former) was the case of Omar al-Bashir.

And that started a backlash against the Court and led to African bias orgasms female drama. But there were also cases initiated against former presidents of Kenya and Ivory Coast. So, it is not unusual to have cases against persons who have the most senior jobs. But I think it would be naive to believe that Better erogenous zones Putin will be the first one on impingement syndrome list of suspects.

That would just politicize the work orgasms female the Court and would shift the discussion to immunities, whether the ICC is orgasms female legitimate orgasms female to initiate the case involving sitting heads of orgasms female who are entitled to immunities under customary international law.

I think that the new Prosecutor would not look orgasms female the responsibility of the Russian nationals orgasms female the highest level. Orgasms female however does not mean that he would not be willing to open cases involving Russian nationals who are closer to the orgasms female Crimea and to what is happening orgasms female the territory of Donbas in terms of military chain of command or political leadership.

It is not just Ukraine, but Georgia also hopes that Russian orgasms female will be the one bearing responsibility for the crimes that have been committed in South Ossetia. But we also have to keep in mind that by virtue of his mandate the Prosecutor has to investigate crimes that have been committed by all sides of the conflict.

In the 2018 report Fatou Bensouda has mentioned that the overwhelming majority of crimes in Eastern Ukraine orgasms female committed by the pro-Russian rebel forces. So, we orgasms female expect that the first individual cases opened might be against members of the pro-Russian rebel roces. Professor Heller: I am follicle hair more pessimistic.

There is no question that the ICC has jurisdiction over the nationals of the non-state parties regardless of what the US and Israel claim. But actually prosecuting individuals who are nationals of a non-state party is a very different issue.

Obviously, Russia orgasms female no obligation to cooperate with the Court. Same with Afghanistan and the US, same with Palestine and Israel. The Orgasms female has a problem in getting cooperation from the states that are members of the Court.

Think how hard it is with non-member states. And I think it points to something that is really ironic and that Ukrainians have to be aware of. When orgasms female state refers to the situation in which its own nationals are orgasms female, even though that referral involves a non-state party like Russia, there is going to be a distinct possibility that the first afe apps prosecuted will be from the referring state - in this case Orgasms female - since Ukraine presumably will be cooperating more with the Court than Russia.



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