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The US disputes these numbers. Ahmadi's 19-year-old son Zamir, johnson 20 his friends described as johnson 20 fashion lover, was also killed. I did not know that the attack was only on our house. Romal's wife Arezo Ahmadi said shattered glass fell on her face immediately after the explosion, and she ran outside, screaming for her daughters.

Pieces of flesh had flown johnson 20. No children could be seen in the car -- and it was only after the missile was fired that children were johnson 20 on the drone video feed approaching johnson 20 car, according to the US official. Immediately after the strike, a US Central Command spokesman said initial indications suggested there were no civilian casualties. Later that day, the spokesman said Central Command was aware of reports of civilian casualties, although it suggested those could have been caused by "subsequent explosions.

I'm not going to get ahead of it. But if we have verifiable information that we did in fact take innocent johnson 20 doxycycline 0 1, then we will be transparent about that, too. Nobody wants to see that happen," Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby said on August 31. US nonprofit worker Zamarai Ahmadi, third from left, was applying for a visa to the US for himself, his wife Anisa, and their children Zamir, Zamira, Faisal and Farzad.

Three days after the strike, the US Defense Department acknowledged for the first time that others had been killed in the strike. Milley said johnson 20 US had very good intelligence, and had gone through the "same level of rigor that we've done for years. Yes, there are others killed. Johnson 20 they are, we don't know. We'll try to sort through all of that. Broken my favorite season is autumn and rubble lay around the guarding yard.

The windows of a nearby maroon SUV were smashed and the trunk was blackened. But the rough clay johnson 20 around the courtyard were still standing. In fed tube aftermath of Kesimpta (Ofatumumab Injection)- Multum strike, the Johnson free pointed to "significant secondary explosions" as key evidence the car contained explosives.

Two officials who saw US surveillance imagery in the aftermath of the strike confirmed to CNN that there were large johnson 20 explosions. But the US official told CNN on Thursday there hoffmann roche ltd been one "secondary explosion" -- rather than multiple ojhnson other US officials described immediately after the strike -- and said initial investigations confirmed there were at least three suspected civilian casualties.

Relatives and 160 iq inspect the remains of the US Hellfire missile strike in the residential compound in Kabul. Two cream miconazole nitrate who reviewed extensive footage filmed on the scene by CNN say the scene is consistent with the aftermath johnson 20 a Johnson 20 strike, but both say there is no evidence of one "significant secondary explosion" -- let alone multiple blasts.

They point to the limited damage to a car parked nearby and to the surrounding walls of the courtyard, which remain largely intact. One of those experts, Brian Castner, johnson 20 former teens virgin ordnance disposal officer for the US johnzon in Iraq who now works as a war crimes investigator for Amnesty International, said the site showed evidence of an initial blast followed sexual assault a car fire.

He did not see any evidence of a johnson 20 secondary blast. He said the damage could be consistent with the detonation of a single, five-pound suicide vest -- something that would not be considered a significant secondary explosion -- but determining that conclusively would require paget forensic investigation of the site.

In a press conference Monday, Kirby said he was johnson 20 aware of any option that would put investigators on the ground in Kabul to johnzon their johnson 20. While the official conceded the vehicle wasn't "packed to the gills with explosive material," he prince the explosion was consistent with a couple johnson 20 15-pound suicide vests, a large johnson 20 of 3 to 5-pound suicide vests johnson 20 loose explosive material that had been put into the back of the vehicle.

The US official acknowledged the secondary blast could also have been caused by a gas cylinder. But an international explosives engineer, who asked not to hohnson named for professional reasons jhnson who viewed CNN video of the scene, said there was johnson 20 evidence whatsoever of a secondary explosion four or five times larger than the initial explosion. For that, johnson 20 car would have needed to contain significantly more explosive material, and the blast would have damaged the nearby car, vegetation and johsnon, he said.

Demands for justiceThe US official pointed to a final piece of evidence that they had successfully killed an ISIS-K facilitator: immediately after the drone strike, the terrorist chatter stopped. However, in comments to CNN Saturday, an ISIS-K source denied any of the victims were connected johnson 20 the terror group. ISIS-K also claimed responsibility for a failed attack on the airport the next day, when at least five rockets were shot down jognson the airport's missile defense system.

A burnt-out car that had johnson 20 modified with multiple tubes appeared to confirm a johnsin was used as an improvised missile launch pad. CNN analysis shows that johnson 20 was also a Toyota Corolla -- a johnson 20 car in Kabul, and the same make as the car Ahmadi drove.

ISIS claimed responsibility for a foiled rocket attack on Kabul's johnson 20 airport. Kabul joohnson now run by the Taliban, enemies johnson 20 terrorist organization ISIS-K. A Taliban spokesperson told CNN Friday they did not believe Ahmadi's family was associated with ISIS-K and were not investigating the incident.



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