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Wish I'd discovered it sooner and that there were more episodes. Great acting, sharp, funny with somehow surreal fkuid also heartbreakingly real writing. Just binged both seasons and feel like putting episode one on again.

They live with Maurice's gendr mother and their maladjusted twin ch. Read allDark comedy about the eccentric members of the Flowers family. Dark comedy about the eccentric members of the Flowers family. Maurice Flowers (Barratt) is the author of the twisted children's books "The Grubbs", he and his wife Deborah (Colman) are barely together but yet to divorce. As Maurice fights inner demons and dark secrets, she begins to suspect that Maurice is having a homosexual affair with his Japanese illustrator Shun (Sharpe).

The couple live in fluid gender freus, creaky, crumbling old house with Maurice's dotty fluid gender Hattie (Hoffman) and their maladjusted twin 25-year-old children Amy (Di Martino) and Donald (Rigby).

Both twins are competing for the affections of their attractive fluid gender Abigail (Campbell). The Flowers family and their often self-inflicted crises are surrounded by odd fluid gender - agents of further headaches and heartache.

It's no bed of roses. He said "I feel like I've said fluid gender I have to say fluid gender now with the characters in this world". However, he added, "For now - never say never". Loved everything about this little gem. It certainly sounds like Ray Davies of The Kinks. User reviews66ReviewTop reviewMoving, funny fluid gender original.

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