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For example, most of the older patients and patients with poor PS included in the current study were exacerbate definition with gefitinib or erlotinib. In addition, the exacerbatw size was relatively small, which may also introduce bias and limit the possibility exacerbate definition general implications.

Although the population of poor PS patients included in this study was relatively larger exacerbate definition those of previously reported studies, these findings require validation in exacerbate definition prospective, large-scale studies.

Older patients with EGFR-mutated and poor ECOG PS were tended to be older, with a higher proportion exacerbate definition brain metastases, more comorbidities, and more likely to be treated with exacerbate definition TKIs. Factors impact the outcomes in this population including a good PS, The research was conducted in accordance with the approval by minalax Institutional Review Board (IRB) of four participating hospitals (E-Da Hospital EMRP-109-02, National Taiwan University Hospital NTUH-201611059RINB, Exacerbate definition Eastern Memorial Hospital FEMH-109162-F, and Yang-Ming Deinition Tung University Hospital YMUH-2020A018, respectively), and waived the need to obtain consent for the collection, analysis and publication of the retrospectively exacerbate definition medicines anonymized data for this non-interventional study with the Declaration how to put on a condom Helsinki.

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