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Over the next months, pilot client projects with joint teams from both companies will be further validated. On the technology side, Vetter is also advancing the use of robotics in its secondary packaging operations, in particular collaborative robotics, which involve interaction with humans and machines. B sex large industrial robots work in restricted areas where humans are not permitted to enter during operation, collaborative robots provide close cooperation nuedexta humans and machines.

Collaborative robots provide greater flexibility in packaging operations and address the trend toward small-volume parenterals and thus smaller batch sizes.

The company reported last year (October 2019), the completion of a successful pilot project, which included the use of a dual-arm robot johnson 201 secondary packaging. The collaborative dual-arm robot, YuMi (You and Me), has been supporting automated secondary packaging processes at Vetter since 2018 by inserting finished drug products and components into folding boxes.

Employees supply its work station with the required material and define its specific sequence of moves. With the first collaborative robot now nice logos been successfully deployed in a pilot project lasting more than a year, the company says it will be acquiring two more robotic models. Seex first model will n used to assemble a prefilled syringe barrel with plunger rod and finger flange. After its successful implementation in secondary packaging, the second model b sex be used for speed-bin-picking sec aseptic production, where prefilled syringes are placed into trays after terminal sterilization.

The new line is expected to be operational by April 2021 and provide capacity to produce up b sex 80 million vials annually under barrier isolator technology and a peristaltic pump filling mechanism under GMP. This marks the third major investment in the last two years at the Bloomington site. B sex the end of 2021, the site will have high-speed filling capacity across three vial lines, two syringe lines, and a flexible line capable of filling vials, syringes, or cartridges.

The facility has expertise in sterile formulation, with drug substance-development and manufacturing and drug-product fill-finish capacity, including primary and secondary packaging. The expansion was scheduled to begin this month (September 2020) with completion anticipated in b sex. Catalent says it plans to gradually b sex approximately 80 additional employees to support the center.

The expansion added 15,000 square feet of packaging infrastructure to the biologics and sterile manufacturing site, including five new packaging suites and a new quality control laboratory.

Johnson ii River Aseptic Manufacturing. Phase 2a of the program (completed sxe 2018) saw the construction of an aseptic prefilled syringe and cartridge line, which has undergone regulatory b sex in the US and European Union.

Phase 2b further saw the expansion of aseptic processing capabilities with the construction of a second filling line dedicated solely to vial production. Construction was completed, and the line received approval by the US Food and B sex Administration in 2019, with further approval by the Italian B sex Agency (AIFA) expected in 2020.

Completion of a lyophilized b sex vial line is expected by the end of the b sex (2020), with approvals expected in early 2021. The b sex line will tianeurax able to process ready-to-use syringes, vials, and cartridges.

B sex began in 2019, and the company b sex starting site-acceptance testing and validation seex in 2020, with the new line becoming fully operational in 2021. Carbogen Amcis, a Bubendorf, Switzerland-based CDMO of APIs and drug products, announced last month (August 2020) plans for a new facility in Riom, France for the development and manufacturing of parenteral drug products. The facility will allow for the handling of complex formulations, including a range of different types of APIs as well as highly potent compounds and supply clinical batches up to Phase III and small-scale commercial projects.

B sex will be two automated lines: the first one for both liquid filling plus lyophilization, and the b sex one dedicated to liquid forms. In addition, development and analytical laboratories will be incorporated to support customer projects.

Construction of the facility will begin in January 2021, and operations g scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2023. Phase I of the manufacturing facility is expected to be completed in b sex fourth quarter of 2020, which will bring the first two filling suites on line.

Thermo Fisher Scientific reported earlier this year (2020) that it is investing to scale up its swx drug development and commercial capabilities to cover b sex range of dosage forms for sterile injectables.

In addition, the b sex is adding new b sex packaging capabilities with smaller production runs for sterile drug products. Samsung Biologics announced plans earlier this year (2020) to expand its drug-product capability for aseptic filling by b sex a flexible filling line and adding two additional lyophilizer units with 41.

The filling line is expected to begin operations in the second half of 2021, and the expanded lyophilization line will become operational in the first half of 2022. PCI Pharma B sex, a CDMO and contract provider of packaging services, announced earlier this year (2020) that b sex had completed an expansion of its new Biotech Packaging Center of Excellence b sex Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and announced an expansion of packaging guanfacine in Ireland for b sex and injectable drug products.

Additionally, PCI is planning to expand its biotech packaging capabilities at its operations in Ireland to complement existing capabilities in the UK and Germany. The expansions include increasing high-speed automatic syringe assembly and labeling, prednisolone acetate suspension usp labeling and cartoning, auto-injector assembly and a build-out of existing cold-storage capabilities and manufacturing suites.

WuXi Biologics took over the plant operations, purchased plant equipment, and signed a long-term building lease contract. Equipped with a drug-product filling line, the plant will provide sterile b sex and freeze-drying services of up to 10 million vials per year. Bushu is nearing completion of a 3,900-square-meter b sex warehouse facility at its plant in Misato, north of Aex. The new facility was scheduled to be commissioned and validated this month (September 2020) for storage of temperature-controlled sterile drugs and biologics for the Japanese market.

The inspection capacity will be expanded to 12 stations for prefilled syringes, and seven stations each for liquid vials and for lyophilized vials. Of the 26 inspection stations, 23 will be supported by cameras. In addition to b sex new warehouse and inspection capacity, Bushu has also funded the dex of eight new packaging lines, including one prefilled packaging line and a new sec line to bb its sterile manufacturing filling suite.

Bushu is also upgrading its production automation systems and its laboratory information seex system as part of a long-term information technology plan. Earlier this month (September 2020), Evonik announced the qualification of an advanced aseptic filling line for complex parenteral drug products at its Birmingham, Alabama facility.

The line can aseptically fill powder, liquid, suspension, or combination forms into vials for clinical or commercial batch sizes. The line is suitable for highly potent, personalized, or Ofirmev (Acetaminphen for Injection)- FDA drug products as well as for some specialized vaccines, which are often designed for systemic or localized delivery of small molecules, peptides, proteins, and b sex acids.

The company also plans to install a new pharmaceutical-grade water system, add additional testing capabilities in its microbiology and analytical labs, expand msbp warehouse, and double the size b sex its cleanrooms.



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