How to eat to lose weight?

In this article we will talk about how to eat right to lose weight and try to destroy 9 myths and provide facts and tips aboutĀ Weight loss, nutrition and physical activity. This information can help you make healthy daily habits.

Gluten-free desserts are good for health. The concept that does not contain gluten desserts harmful than “normal” incorrect desserts. In fact, a gluten substitute, which is gluten-free, can actually increase the amount of calories and promotes weight gain. Continue reading “How to eat to lose weight?”

Diet ballerinas: minus 5-6 kg for 10 days

diet ballerinas

Have you ever noticed what a ballerina slim and fit? Has it ever happened to you to think that their figure – a standard diet ballerinasĀ of femininity and grace? Do you want to be like them? If the answer is “YES”, then this article will give you. After all, today we will talk about the dancers diet, but rather the so-called diet ballerina. Continue reading “Diet ballerinas: minus 5-6 kg for 10 days”