Exercise “strip” for the abdominal muscles and losing weight


Strip- exercise for the press, which is focused not on the pump, and to strengthen several muscle groups and, as a consequence, the creation of the hard muscular corset and modeling slim figure.

Therefore, the question about that, what muscles are working when it is running, you can answer: almost everything! Its use for weight loss also gives excellent effect due to the elimination of fatty deposits in the most, perhaps the problem areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks). Continue reading “Exercise “strip” for the abdominal muscles and losing weight”

Exercise “lifting legs in the vise”: Lead technique

lifting legs

Hardly anyone would argue that the rise in the leg vise abdominal muscles (the press) is developing lifting legs very effectively, but it is also one of the most difficult.

Its ability to properly perform only advanced enough athletes with well-developed and strong muscles, which helps stabilize the body when carried out feet rise in the vise . Continue reading “Exercise “lifting legs in the vise”: Lead technique”