The best exercises for the calf muscles for girls

How many of the fair sex does not dream of long and slender legs? Probably, these do calf muscles not exist.

Any girl wants to wear a skirt or skinny pants or jeans and look great at the same time. For information on how to bring in the form of the thigh and buttocks , we have already written. And today we will tell you about exercises for calves for girls that you can perform at home.

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exercises for the calf muscles for girls

How to strengthen the calf muscles

This part of the body in women, and in men, easy to physical stress. It is therefore very easy to pump caviar.

And if men are not very important to the state of these muscles, the girls too muscular calves do not go. Therefore, training on muscle data should be very careful and do everything exactly as it will be described below.

Calf muscles are made up of two parts – the gastrocnemius (you can easily see it if you go up on tiptoes) and soleus (it is under the gastrocnemius).

So exercise. The following activities will be sufficient to result in the form of your legs, and, if necessary, to achieve weight loss of calves at home.

All exercises should not carry more than 20-25 times. Otherwise you run the risk of siphon caviar, as well as get their companions through life seizures.

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The best and effective exercises for the calf muscles

1. Our first exercise really is not. It is just walking distance. You might say that, and so go every day, but noticeable results did not notice.

The fact that we are 100% sure that you do not go enough. And all because in the last 100-200 years, the daily number of steps taken by an ordinary person, decreased by an average of 10,000.

Now scientists in the world say that to maintain a healthy body and for your own health, we need to take at least 9,000 steps a day.

Of course this is not enough for our calves. By simple calculation is easy to calculate that the required number of us – about 20 000 steps per day. It is about 10 kilometers.

Of course, not many people at the present time are at 10 km per day. Hence the result: weak deflated calves.

But even without going through such a distance on a daily basis, you can increase the number of steps. You can, for example, a few stops to the house to walk rather than ride in transport.

This will not only serve as a good exercise to calves for all the girls, but also improve the mood. You must agree, it is much more pleasant to walk up to the house and get some fresh air than to shake a crowded bus and pushing, making his way to the exit.

And now to the exercises that you do at home . By the way at the end of the article there is a video, which clearly shows how to perform all the exercises in the calf muscles of legs. The first of them – this is a very simple but very effective.

2. While standing straight first climb up on your toes as you can, then lower, but do not touch the floor with his heels, and back up quickly. Repeat this exercise 30-40 times for 3 sets or simply 100 times at once.

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 girls calf muscles

To weight can be taken in each hand load or do upgrades first on one foot, then the other.

3. The following exercise for women is almost a twin of the previous one. You will need a thick book or other device, which will simulate a small step. Get your socks on the step, the heel should hang with her. Climb up on socks as possible and then lower and heels touch the floor. Repeat in the same way as the first exercise.

4. Another good exercise can be called a normal walking on tiptoes. Walk around the house so for 10-15 minutes each day or every other day, and very soon you will not know their calves.

The previous three exercises have been calculated directly on the calf muscle. But soleus occupies a large part of our calves. So, too, need to do exercises for her.

Normally, this muscle train sitting, t. To. It is in this position, it can be activated most.

5. So, sit in a chair. On your knees take the burden of about 5-10 kg. This can be a large bottle of water, or a few small bottles in a bag, even a child! Start slowly raise the heel off the floor. Then lower and lift again. If after 15-20 times you’ll feel like caviar worked and tired, it means that the weight is selected.

You can also pump the soleus squatting on one leg. But it is quite difficult for beginners. Therefore enjoy a better run. 30 minutes at least every other day, and you will find a beautiful calf. We wish you a nice stay.

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